Thank you

Dear Friends and supporters,

As of Tuesday, February 13th, 2018, I am ending my bid for the office of Lt. Governor of New Mexico. 

In early December I was planning the next steps of my life away from the direct political life I had been living serving the people of Santa Fe. I know I surprised many, including myself, in entering the race for Lt. Governor.  But the vacuum that was suddenly created at the time left many of us concerned that there may also be a vacuum of progressive advocacy at an important level of government.

So I stepped up, believing in a new path for New Mexico, one that prioritized our state resources with our greatest needs: early childhood development, family security, an economy that works for everyone, and a clean energy future.   

What I can say now with confidence is that the progressive voice across the state is strong, and that many qualified candidates are bringing their passion and perspective to the Lt. Governor race.  So with a clear conscience, I have decided to end my campaign and return to the private sector after my term as Mayor expires.  Service takes many forms, and I look forward to continuing my service to our state in whichever form that may come.

Thank you, 

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